Roots, the first full-length album by Alex Silas & The Subterraneans is now available for download!

   "I call artists like Alex “bridges” as he seamlessly combines some groovy hip hop with some
                         country-influenced alternative pop. He’s one to watch."
                - Kevin McGowan, Ottawa Citizen Capital Revue

"There aren’t a whole lot of rappers setting flames to their acoustic guitars whilst playing the harmonica,
                                                                             you know?" - Chelsea Collins, Envy Magazine

       "I like this. This singer/poet/MC/rapper makes a palatable smoothie out of indie rock, blues, electronic, folk and reggae."  
                                                                               - Alan

  "Silas introduces indie-rock to rap in ways I’ve never heard before, creating a fresh genre all his own."
                                           - Samantha Cowan, Independent Music News

          "Alex is a rapper, MC, poet. Whatever you want to call it. The best part about that though, is that he is also a musician. Meaning that not only will you get something thought provoking and moving with his music, but you also get great songwriting as well. It's nice to know that when Alex Silas comes out with something new, that I can get excited about both of those crafts. " 
                                                                                   - Doug Ralph, Music Director CKDJ 107.9 FM
Balancing a full time job, university and pioneering a new genre of Alternative Hip Hop, Alex Silas is making his mark on the music world. “I love trying new things with my music and blending different genres into whatever crazy mishmash comes out of it. I try to be very outside the box and make music that's different,” says Silas.

Inspired by everything from Blues to Punk, Country to Reggae, Folk to Electronic, the Ottawa-based artist sets himself apart by ensuring his sound doesn’t fall into any predetermined molds. “I use a lot of traditionally non-hip hop sounds, always preferring real instruments over samples to give it that live, organic sound,” he says.

With his debut offering, Catania, charting in the Top 10 on college and university charts across the country and firmly introducing him as a different breed of rapper, and his follow-up, Songs for Lovers & Fighters, continuing to build on that momentum,

Silas has now released his first full-length project, Roots, released June 30th.